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NAME: Prince Biel
AGE: 1,000+ (Human form is 14-15)
RACE: Demon
ABOUT: The main character of the story, who runs away from an arranged marriage, only to be enslaved in another 'marriage' of sorts. Biel is a total spaz. He's pretty much incompetent at everything, and the only thing he's useful for is as a sacrifice for the profit of the kingdom. (In this case, he's used as a scapegoat to marriage of the princess of Heaven, to cease the war between Heaven and Hell, which has taxed Hell to the brink of economic failure.) Unfortunately, he's not even competent enough to do that. All of his subjects are after him to drag him back to Hell.

RANDOM TIDBITS: His only 'talent' is probably his pretty face. It tricks people into thinking he has redeeming qualities, when, in fact, he has none whatsoever. Perhaps his only talent is being incredibly good with animals, hence why he keeps thousands of them in his home. Children enjoy bullying him for some reason. As a human, is titled both the 'Eyecandy' and 'Worthless' Prince of Verity High School.

NO IMAGE YET NAME: Anicca Teresa Vaughnan
AGE: 15
RACE: Human
ABOUT: Biel's human master. A self-proclaimed genius witch with magical powers surpassing that of most demons and angels. She hates being percieved as weak (almost as much as she hates the weak themselves), so she tends to be very tomboyish, aggressive, and loud. Despite her rough exterior, she possesses the heart of a true maiden.

RANDOM TIDBITS: She is often mistaken as a boy because she has a perpetual psycho look tomboyish face on, especially by Biel, who honestly can't tell her apart from a man when he sees her from behind. Anicca summons familiars all the time, although she only keeps two or three at a time. Apparently she gets rid of them in dubious ways when they bore her or have used up their usefulness...

NO IMAGE YET NAME: Princess Amoretti
AGE: 200+
RACE: Angel
ABOUT: Biel's angel fiancee and spurned altar-bride in their arranged marriage. She's the flower of Heaven, regarded in highest esteem for beauty, talent, demeanor, and magic, perhaps even more so than her father, God. Perhaps the opposite of Biel. She is an incredibly shy and introverted young lady, but apparently Biel's abandonment has caused a completely different side of her to show...

RANDOM TIDBITS: After the incident, Amoretti decides to reside in Biel's room in Hell to help rule in place of her missing fiancee. She tends to take trips back into Heaven and also into the human world. She reacts incredibly violently whenever Biel is mentioned. She also has a brother, Prince Dukkha, who was cast out from Heaven two decades ago, on grounds of conspiracy of the Royal Family-- his own family. Has a sister complex for him.

NAME: Anorak
AGE: 800+ (Human form is 18-20)
RACE: Demon
ABOUT:A worrywart and a closet fanatic of all human-related things. Even though Anorak is Biel's man-maid servant, it seems more like their roles are reversed. Anorak is constantly scolding Biel, frequently worrying about how he will be perceived if his master makes a fool of himself (which is quite often). Anorak has a lot of patience with Biel, but he does not hesitate to strike him down should the situation call for it. Anorak also has a strange speech pattern, in that he doesn't contract words unless they're negative. (e.g. "I will" [positive] ; "I won't" [negative] ; "Biel is worthless" [positive] ; "Biel isn't talented." [negative] )

RANDOM TIDBITS: He's some sort of albino cave lizard demon. He's also younger than Biel, but he's already been married thrice. He's eaten all three of his wives. Anorak has issues with commitment, and has probably been very close to eating Biel numerous times, despite the fact that they're not even in that sort of relationship. Also, he and Lysed have a very complicated relationship, that no one understands.

AGE: 1000+ (Human form is 20-22)
RACE: Demon
ABOUT: The Commander in Chief of the Hell's Army, serving under the Prince Biel. Unlike all most of Biel's subordinates, General Lysed is very capable at his job. He takes control of the military as the primary strategist, and often takes the front line in battles. He is both adored and envied by his subordinates for both his natural charismatic nature and military prowess. Now, if only he wasn't so carefree and uniterested in things unrelated to battling and porn...

RANDOM TIDBITS: Everything is basically one big, fat, funny joke to Lysed, so he's always smiling and has his head in the clouds. Perhaps it is because of this that he has no fear in life-and-death struggles. Lysed was born in the most rural parts of Hell. He is constantly put down by Anorak for being a countryman, but he really doesn't seem to mind, as he gets back at him by stressing him out with his constant teasing and laziness. He and Anorak seem to have a long history together, but Anorak vehemently denies any allegations of the sort.

AGE: ??? (Human form is 16-17)
RACE: Demon
ABOUT: One of Biel's pets. No one quite knows what he is, and neither does Fiest himself, but Anorak insists he is a gerbil and Biel, a hamster. He has an extreme complex for his master, and would do anything for him, even at the cost of his own life. Despite having absolutely no magic, his combat and physical prowess are par to none.
AGE: ??? (Human form is 14-16)
RACE: Demon
ABOUT: A ditzy lesser demon who seems to have a knack of appearing at the wrong time, at the wrong place. No one knows if Dolce is a girl or boy, and Dolce doesn't seem to want to answer. S/He appears in the later chapters as a human, who has now become genetically predisposed to be fearful and wary of Biel, despite having no idea why.
NO IMAGE YET NAME: Prince Dukkha
AGE: 1000+
RACE: Angel
ABOUT: The brother of Lady Amoretti and crown prince of the throne, had he not been exiled from Heaven. Prince Dukkha, like his younger sister, was adored by his subjects for his calm and fair judgment, as well as his magical prowess. The demons don't know much about the circumstances of his exile (nor do they care), and the angels keep it secret, but the 'offical' reason publicized was that he was conspiring against his family. No one knows where he is now or what he is doing.
AGE: Secret!
RACE: Angel
ABOUT: Commanding Officer of Heaven's Divine Regiment, as well as right-hand (wo)man to Lady Amoretti. She's extremely strict and yet very devoted to her princess, often picking fights when things are to Princess Amoretti's advantage, particularly because the princess is too timid to stand up to herself. Her role to the Princess is more of an elder brother than an elder sister, taking care of her through sheer power and might instead of emotional support. Gloria's magic is rather poor, but as a Commander, her physical prowess is great. She and General Lysed have a particularly antagonistic relationship, due the fact that they've only met on the battlefield and countless numbers of their soldiers were lost to the other.

RANDOM TIDBITS: A closet fangirl for Lysed x Anorak. LOL. Gloria is also one of Prince Dukkha's fangirls, and will not take any slander against him.

AGE: 18
RACE: Human (?)
ABOUT: Known as the 'Glass Prince' of Verity high school. He has a disease which makes him unable to feel pain or changes in temperature, so he is very fragile in weather and is predisposed to collapsing from infections of wounds he never notices he gets. Thus, Lanthanum is the only student that wears a white uniform in Summer and a pale blue in Winter-- to make it easier to see blood from accidental cuts. He seems like a very gentle and carefree person, although his sense of humor is very, very lame. He's very close to Quinn and Yule, who seem to fret over him and take care of him as if he were one of their sibilings.

RANDOM TIDBITS: No one really knows much about Lanthanum, except that he loves playing stupid pranks on people and that Quinn is always by his side. He's never seen angry and is always smiling, although sometimes he tends to get very, very sarcastic when irritated.

AGE: 16
RACE: Human
ABOUT: One of the princes of the school, the 'Gentle Prince'. Quinn is a sweet young boy with a very feminine face. He's kind-hearted and soft-spoken, and is often seen around his brother, Yule, a former prince of Verity, and Lanthanum, a current prince of Verity. Quinn is known to be very hard to get to know personally, despite how easy it is to talk to him, and it appears that his only friend is the Glass Prince. There are rumors going on that Quinn holds a dark and deep secret, which is why he doesn't get close to anyone...

RANDOM TIDBITS: The girls often comment that if Quinn and Yule combined, they would make the ultimate 'Prince Charming'.

AGE: 19
RACE: Human
ABOUT: Yule is more aggressive, confident, and overall just more manly than his sibilng Quinn. He was known in his time in Verity high as the 'Unpolished Prince', although now he has graduated. He is attending Eden University-- a university located just outside the city of Verity. He's known to be overprotective of both Quinn and Lanthanum, and apparently has a strong sense of justice.

RANDOM TIDBITS: His major is in Economics.

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