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Chapter 01 : 25

The Worthless Prince Biel

Read from Left to Right The residents of Hell have finally found a use for their useless prince: to marry him off to the Princess of Heaven, thereby saving the principality from total economic failure and promoting peace to the celestial realms once and for all! However, their prince couldn't manage even that, and has run off to the mortal world, where he finds himself forced into servitude by a powerful teenage witch. With Heaven and Hell's forces searching for the missing prince, and a particularly demanding master hovering over his shoulder, for how long can the talentless and no-good Prince Biel stay 'free' in the human world? Genre: Humor, Fantasy, High School, Romance [mostly fluff (BxG, BxB, GxG)] Now updates biweekly, every Monday and Wednesday. Whoo~


July 19th, 2009, 5:03 am

Monday's Comic

Monday's comic might be delayed by, like, 12 hours. |-D I caught myself a cold which turned into a fever which turned back into a cold on Friday... and I was forced to sleep for 24 straight hours. *laugh* And now I have this nasty cough and snot is dripping from my nose. It's annoying.

Anywya, just sayin'~! It will probably still be updated on a Monday, though. This one particular comic isn't automatic this time, so unless the internet get shot while I'm at the dorm, it'll be there~ C:

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